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Tips for a Healthy (but fun!) Sunny Season with Your Senior

A caregiver cleans the porch while senior enjoys the day outside

We hope that we’re not the only ones feeling like the first half of 2016 has gone by in a blink! It’s hard to believe that half the year is gone and in another half our iced teas and summer salads will turn into hot chocolates and hearty soups. It’s officially summer – and as those temperatures continue to rise, so do the concerns about sun safety. The greater Toronto area has already had 8 official heat warnings this year, whereas 2014 had only 1 throughout the entire year. That is a huge difference and might make this next bit of information a little less shocking; the Canadian government is predicting that in the next 30 years, the number of extremely hot days in a year will more than double in certain parts of Canada. This means that sun safety and preventing heat-related illnesses is more important than ever.
Below are tips for staying healthy, as well as keeping entertained and active this summer:

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Summer Time Safety Tips for Seniors

Great weather is finally here!!!   While it’s great to get outside for long stretches of time, seniors must be careful of season’s heat and humidity. Older people can’t handle the heat as well as their CAREGivers because they don’t sweat as effectively and have poorer circulation.  They may also be taking medications that limit their ability to respond to changes or affect their cooling system, perspiration.

In order to protect your client from heat-related illnesses, as extreme as stroke, there are steps we can take to minimize the risk and ensure that they are able to take advantage of the benefits of this wonderful season.

  • review weather forecasts and ride out the extreme heat in a place that is air conditioned.
  • encourage them to drink plenty of non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverages, especially water.
  • dress in loose-fitting, light-colored clothing made of light fabrics such as linen and cotton.
  • use sunscreen, with an SPF of at least 30, on all exposed body parts including the face and ears
  • avoid overexerting with strenuous activity
  • If you must be outdoors, stay in shaded areas near trees and/or water.

Knowing about the potential implications of extreme heat and taking preventative measures will ensure that your senior enjoys summer as much today as they did years ago.

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