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Transitioning Smoothly

Senior transitioning from hospital to home accompanied by family

Imagine this; you’ve finally made it home after a long day at work. After unpacking your things, you start tidying up the kitchen in order to prepare dinner for tonight. Your daughter should be home from soccer practice soon and you know she’ll be hungry. You start to cut up some vegetables when the phone rings. It’s the hospital. They’ve called to tell you that dad is ready to be released from the hospital, in an hour from now – but… you thought this wasn’t happening for another two weeks? A tidal wave of mixed emotions starts crashing through your mind: joy, panic, relief, worry. You’re so glad he’s better, but how are you going to deal with helping dad on top of all the other things going on in your life?

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Tips for a Healthy (but fun!) Sunny Season with Your Senior

A caregiver cleans the porch while senior enjoys the day outside

We hope that we’re not the only ones feeling like the first half of 2016 has gone by in a blink! It’s hard to believe that half the year is gone and in another half our iced teas and summer salads will turn into hot chocolates and hearty soups. It’s officially summer – and as those temperatures continue to rise, so do the concerns about sun safety. The greater Toronto area has already had 8 official heat warnings this year, whereas 2014 had only 1 throughout the entire year. That is a huge difference and might make this next bit of information a little less shocking; the Canadian government is predicting that in the next 30 years, the number of extremely hot days in a year will more than double in certain parts of Canada. This means that sun safety and preventing heat-related illnesses is more important than ever.
Below are tips for staying healthy, as well as keeping entertained and active this summer:

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Conversations with your single parent. Relationships and Dating

Be open minded, help them open about their situation and feel good about their romantic relationships.

Continuing with our series of must-have conversations with your parents, today we are going to touch on their Romanitic life.

As we grow older, personal relationships may take on new meaning and importance as individuals move away from careers to part-time work and retirement. Unfortunately, stressful situations could develop as families grow, separate and evolve because of death or changes in relationships and circumstances. Dating, in particular, can be a source of confusion and potential friction for families. How do you tell your family you are seeing someone? How do you ask a parent about the nature of his or her relationship? This blog can help you define and develop relationships that are important to you and deal with potential pitfalls along the way. ​​

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