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The Importance of Medication Reminders for Seniors

Jeremy Grant, owner of Home Instead Senior Care in Hamilton, was recently featured on Canada’s talk show “daytime”. Watch below as he discusses the importance of medication reminders and managing a senior’s medication intake. It’s estimated that roughly 57% of seniors are taking more than 3 medications each day, and if they have Alzheimer’s or other conditions, remembering can be quite challenging.

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Managing a Senior’s Meds

Managing a Senior's Meds

Medications play an expanding role in health care as we grow older. People are more likely to develop one or more chronic illnesses with advancing age, and appropriate medication can help seniors live longer and more active lives.  And, although many seniors take regular medications, a recent hospital stay could result in new and unfamiliar prescriptions.  Taking the right medication at the proper time and in the correct dosage is important to keeping an older adult on the road to recovery.

Accordingly, medication use in older adults is also likely to be associated with safety concerns. Medication mismanagement is a one of the leading problems that can prohibit a senior’s successful recovery.  As more people take additional medications, the risk of adverse events may increase.

The following are key tasks that older adults returning home often need assistance with to ensure they remain safe and on track:

  • Picking up medications from the pharmacy.
  • Ensuring that the proper dosage is taken at the prescribed times.
  • Refilling prescriptions – It’s best to go to a senior’s regular pharmacy to avoid adverse reactions from a combination of drugs prescribed by different sources.
  • Organizing pills to ensure that confusion doesn’t lead to a medication mishap.  Blister packs http://www.manageyourmedications.com/#!blister-packs/c1pna are often a good solution.
  • Tracking medications to help older adults more easily manage their health.

Make sure that your senior has the support he or she needs to manage the tasks above.


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