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Transitioning Smoothly

Senior transitioning from hospital to home accompanied by family

Imagine this; you’ve finally made it home after a long day at work. After unpacking your things, you start tidying up the kitchen in order to prepare dinner for tonight. Your daughter should be home from soccer practice soon and you know she’ll be hungry. You start to cut up some vegetables when the phone rings. It’s the hospital. They’ve called to tell you that dad is ready to be released from the hospital, in an hour from now – but… you thought this wasn’t happening for another two weeks? A tidal wave of mixed emotions starts crashing through your mind: joy, panic, relief, worry. You’re so glad he’s better, but how are you going to deal with helping dad on top of all the other things going on in your life?

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Alzheimer’s Friendly Business Program Addresses Isolation Among Family Caregivers

HAMILTON – The Home Instead Senior Care® office serving Hamilton is helping to launch a new campaign designed to make the community more Alzheimer’s friendly. Through the Alzheimer’s Friendly BusinessSM program, the Home Instead Senior Care office will provide free training to local businesses to help equip their employees with information and resources needed to welcome families who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. Research has revealed that these family caregivers might be reluctant to frequent public places because of the behaviours that could be associated with the disease.

In a recent survey of Alzheimer’s caregivers, 74 per cent reported that they and their loved ones have become more isolated from the community as a result of the disease. Furthermore, 85 per cent reported that they feel a reduced quality of life due to isolation.*

“It’s time to stop hiding behind closed doors…and find ways to maintain a normal lifestyle for alzheimer’s patients and caregivers” said Jeremy Grant, owner of the Home Instead Senior Care office serving Hamilton.

According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, the number of people with dementia worldwide is expected to grow to a staggering 75.6 million by 2030 and 135.5 million in 2050.

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Living Choices – Where do your parents want to live?

Must-have conversations with your parents

Research conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care® network reveals 70% of family conversations about aging are prompted by an event such as a health crisis or another emergency. These stressful times are not the best to have this kind of discussions because during crisis people are tired, defensive and the discussions may not be objective.

The Home Instead 40/70 rule recommends beginning these conversations when you are approaching 40 and your parents are around 70.

Some important themes are Living Choices, Financial Choices, Health, Relationships and Dating, Driving and End of Life.

During the coming weeks we will be touching on all of those but today we would like to focus on Living Choices:

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Senior Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Senior Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, plans for spoiling dad should be under way.  Chances are, your dad is a baby boomer or even older. With people living longer these days and more and more boomers hitting retirement age, the infamous Father’s Day blue striped tie probably isn’t the right gift for your still quite active father.

Intangibles. That’s the ticket. Father’s Day gifts should be consumables, which can be eaten, used, spent, sipped or enjoyed. No dust catchers for later generations to sort, no hideous “Necktie of the Month Club” ties.

  1. Do a dad check. This means simply standing in dad’s shoes for a few minutes and seeing what items he might need upgraded that would make a great Father’s Day present. For example, if he has trouble reaching into his back pocket for his wallet, consider getting him a wallet designed especially for the front pocket of his pants. If it is difficult for him to turn lights on and off, maybe a clapper light would be a great gift idea.  The idea here is to get him a gift that will make something difficult for him become very easy, but to do so in a way that comes across as a considerate gift and not one that focuses on how he is aging. You are shopping for dad’s day and the object is to make him feel appreciated and loved.
  2. If your dad plays golf, what better gift than tee-times? Many public clubs offer gift certificates. Even if you are a duffer, why not line up a tee-time or two with dear old dad? If he belongs to a private club, consider purchasing cart rentals or other extras that don’t come with membership.
  3. Digitize family pictures and put them on Dad’s computer. Help him set up email and social networking with family members. If Dad is a collector of family treasures, sort through and label items with an archival-quality pen.
  4. For fathers over 80, there’s a chance they may live in assisted living or a retirement home. Such facilities often have onsite barbers with gift certificates. Many offer occasional bus trips for an extra fee. If Dad isn’t driving anymore, pay for taxis or a car service to take him where he wants to go. If Dad can’t travel, bring family members to him.

All these gifts have one thing in common, your involvement. Dad doesn’t want more socks, he wants time with you! Make sure your Dad knows that “He’s the Greatest!” this Father’s Day.

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