Conversations with your single parent. Relationships and Dating

Be open minded, help them open about their situation and feel good about their romantic relationships.

Continuing with our series of must-have conversations with your parents, today we are going to touch on their Romanitic life.

As we grow older, personal relationships may take on new meaning and importance as individuals move away from careers to part-time work and retirement. Unfortunately, stressful situations could develop as families grow, separate and evolve because of death or changes in relationships and circumstances. Dating, in particular, can be a source of confusion and potential friction for families. How do you tell your family you are seeing someone? How do you ask a parent about the nature of his or her relationship? This blog can help you define and develop relationships that are important to you and deal with potential pitfalls along the way. ​​

Only 22% of adult children surveyed responded they would be comfortable talking about sex if the parenbt became single.

Communication is the key to bridging any personal gap. Help them open about their situation and feel good about themselves.

How do you aproach this subject? First be open minded and put yourself in their situation. Remember, the Home Instead 40/70 rule recommends beginning these conversations when you are approaching 40 and your parents are around 70.

If you have any question please call us at Home Instead Hamilton at 905-521-5500 and we will happy to assist you.


Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, completed 400 telephone interviews with seniors age 65 and older and 400 interviews with adult children of parents age 65 and older in Canada.

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