The Role of Home Care in Preventing Hospital Readmissions

Most people shudder at the thought of a hospital visit and would do their best to avoid one.    Unfortunately, Canadian seniors account for 14 per cent of the population but represent 85 per cent of the hospital bed occupancy; the number will be on the incline with the baby boomer demographic. 

A study led by Robert Wilson, a professor of neurological and behavioral sciences, referenced a rate of cognitive decline that double after a hospital stay.  he number is staggering and intimates that the best way to keep our seniors well is to avoid hospitalizations whenever possible.

Owners, health care professionals and Home Instead Senior Care clients discuss the important role that Home Instead has played in the lives of patients coming home from the hospital. A patient needs someone to make sure they take their medicines, get to the doctors and eat correctly, and assistance with those things will make a difference in the patient being successful at home or returning to the hospital.

To learn more, read our enhanced transitional care model, or call us at 905-521-5500

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