Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, plans for spoiling your dad should be under way, but what do you get for the guy that seemingly has everything and asserts that he wants absolutely nothing?  Ties? Gift cards? I’ve even tried re-gifting things that I thought he’d have more use for than I (what can I say, I’m cheap) and all were received with the congenial “thank you”.  This year will be different!

What better way to celebrate dad, than by sitting together with the family, on June 21, for traditional Sunday dinner.  That’s the ticket!  I’m sure that for most men, like myself, expressing love through words just a little awkward.  This Father’s Day gift should be about spending time with each other and creating memories.  No dust catchers for later generations to sort or hideous “Necktie of the Month Club” ties.  This is a great time to take the www.sundaydinnerpledge.com and make a commitment to spending times with your loved one.

Dad doesn’t want more socks, he wants time with you! So this Father’s Day, honor the man who taught you to ride a bike, tossed a ball with you or who walked you down the isle; make him feel like the greatest, by being surrounded by his loved ones, for Sunday night dinner, on this special day.

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