Social Work Week 2014

Social Work Week 2014

The word “champion” as defined by the Concise Oxford Dictionary has a number of meanings, but is best captured as referring to a “person who fights, argues, etc. for another person or cause”.  March 3rd to the 9th celebrates Social Work Week and this year’s theme is appropriately “Social Workers: Champions of Positive Change”.

Their focus is in positive change, rooted in practical problem-solving expertise. Recognizing that people are experts about their own lives, and that the changes they are seeking may take many forms, social workers help people find solutions that are tailored to meet their unique needs and concerns.

Social Work Week provides an opportunity each year for social workers to promote and celebrate their profession and the life-changing work that they champion in every community.

As social workers in Ontario prepare for Social Work Week 2014, OASW encourages you to reflect on the ways you and/or your agency/organization champion positive change and make a difference in the lives of the client populations you serve identify ways to tell this story, and let others know that when client groups need help, social work interventions can provide a catalyst for positive change.

This week, celebrate with Home Instead Senior Care the positive changes that Social Workers make in our communities!

Home Care Hamilton helping older adults and elderly live independently and safely at home.

Please call 905-521-5500.

Call for a free personalized Care Consultation 905-521-5500”  Don’t forget to like us on facebook! th

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