Scams Targeting Seniors Are Growing In Canada

Scams Targeting Seniors Are Growing In Canada

It’s one of the ugliest forms of fraud and it’s on the rise in Canada.   It’s the word no family caregiver wants to hear when it comes to a senior loved one.  The growing incidence of senior scams is putting many older adults in harm’s way, threatening to strip them of their assets, their independence and their trust.

Criminals, banking on an aging population of Baby Boomers with cash to spare, gather data on potential victims online, exploiting the fact that the older generations aren’t as tech savvy as their children.  In fact, Statistics Canada shows that con artists target 60-to-69-year olds the most.

Some of the scams in circulation are already well known. There’s the lottery ruse where “winners” can claim their prizes for a fee; calls from people impersonating police or Microsoft employees to extract personal information; and perhaps most reprehensible, fraudsters who pretend a loved one has gotten into trouble and needs money wired immediately.

For self-protection, police warn seniors against providing personal information to anyone they don’t know and being suspicious of anything that sounds too good to be true.  As 80 per cent of all mass-market scams are now committed on the Internet, caution is also advised when corresponding online.

If you have relatives who you fear may be vulnerable to fraud, remind them that it’s not just strangers who pose a threat.   And, if you are scammed, your chances of getting any of your money back are slim. Accordingly, the only real way to protect yourself is to not get defrauded in the first place.  Remember, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”! 

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