What Your Elderly Mother Really Wants For Mother’s Day

What Your Elderly Mother Really Wants For Mother's Day

Sending flowers, candy and greeting cards are the norm for mom on Mother’s Day, but what your aging mother really wants on her special day is to feel nurtured.
As daughters and sons move into middle age, their parents get even older; relationships shift from caregiver to the one being cared for. As the elderly one in the equation, it is not easy to accept the fact that you may now depend on your own children for everyday tasks, and more. Pride conflicts with frailty.
Research shows that money, title or good health has less effect on life satisfaction than strong personal relationships can. So this Mother’s Day, make a commitment to do what you can to improve your relationship and give your mom and yourself positive memories. It is an especially important holiday to honor all that your parent has done, and the years that have passed.
What is the primary way to do so? It starts with love and empathy. As your mom ages, the gifts that she might have enjoyed decades ago are replaced with gifts with special value.
Here are just a few suggestions:
• Taking her for a scenic drive, or a tour of old neighborhoods. This prompts discussions of what life was like back then.
• Create a memorable scrapbook. Take old photographs of grandma as a young girl, as well as pictures of her as she started her family. It is a beautiful keepsake.
• Ask her to help you out. Your mother wants to feel like she is still needed. Depending on her physical abilities, you can work on planting flowers in outdoor pots, or bake bread together.
• The old-fashioned art of letter writing can help you develop a closer bond. Write her a letter about how grateful you feel to have her as your mother. Sharing these feelings increases good memories about the past and leads to greater personal satisfaction for both of you.
Any time you can show your mother attention and spend time together is beneficial. Elderly people are very afraid of being forgotten, or being a burden. You can show love by helping to dispel these fears. The golden years should not be tarnished as a result of poor care and feelings of helplessness and un-worth. Take your mother by the hand and walk beside her during this period. That is the greatest way to show your love, on Mother’s Day, and every other day of the year.

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