The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

The Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

“April showers bring May flowers” and this provides a great opportunity for CAREGivers to Take the Lead and plan activities centered around gardening. Besides being enjoyable, it provides numerous health benefits.  It is a great hobby for any age and is consistently listed among the most popular activities for seniors everywhere.

Studies suggest gardening can add zeal and increase energy levels for older adults.  There is strong evidence that gardening can be an effective way for older adults to increase life satisfaction while also increasing physical activity.  It is an excellent form of exercise for mobility, flexibility, use of motor skills while helping to improve strength and endurance. This type of physical activity also helps to prevent osteoporosis, reduces stress levels while promoting relaxation to help you rest better at night.

A few good words of advice for seniors who garden is to warm up by doing a few stretches before starting any gardening activities and working with your garden tools.  By doing this, you will reduce any muscle soreness you may experience later on.

Gardening provides participants with opportunities to reconnect with themselves through nature and a healthy activity to enhance their quality of life.  No matter how you cut it, gardening is a hobby that can not only hold the seniors’ interest far later in life than many other pastimes, but also keeps them active and productive.

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