Pneumonia Help for Canadian Seniors

Pneumonia Help for Canadian Seniors

After two long weeks in the hospital, Grandma Lizzie’s big day was near – she was eagerly anticipating her dismissal from the hospital.  Pneumonia, which sometimes is difficult to diagnose in seniors because they don’t always exhibit the classic symptoms, had sapped her energy and left her confused. Now bright-eyed and smiling, she couldn’t wait to get home.

If your loved is returning home from the hospital and needs help recovering from Pneumonia, here’s how a Home Instead CAREGiver can be of assistance:

Nutrition Management:
 Since diet plays a big role in recovery, a Home Instead CAREGiver can help with grocery shopping and meal preparation. Preparing healthy meals for a client offers opportunities to interact as well as a chance to observe and record the client’s food intake.

Medication Reminders: A Home Instead CAREGiver can pick up prescriptions and refills, and oversee medication reminders to help reduce the risk of a medication mishap. A Home Instead CAREGiver can also make a note of any reactions or side effects so they can be addressed during a doctor’s appointment or, if needed, alert the doctor immediately.

Exercise and Activity: Senior loved ones often are urged to maintain a daily regime of simple at-home activity or walking. A Home Instead CAREGiver can remind and encourage a client to stay on schedule with exercising.

Assistance with Daily Routine:
 Pneumonia may make an older adult very weak. Light housekeeping and assistance with bathing, dressing and toileting are other services that may be available.

Excessive Emotional Stress or Depression: It’s not uncommon for a senior loved one to become anxious or depressed after returning from the hospital. A Home Instead CAREGiver’s companionship can help, and a Home Instead CAREGiver can alert family members or the client’s doctor if signs of depression appear.

Keeping Records: Many senior loved ones will be required to record their weight in a diary every morning. A Home Instead CAREGiver can be instrumental in helping a senior track important measurables.

Doctor Appointments: Follow-up visits to doctors are often required to ensure that an older adult’s lungs are rebounding. A Home Instead CAREGiver can track scheduled appointments, prepare a client for the trip and provide transportation.

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