Tips for Keeping the Kidney Healthy

Tips for Keeping the Kidney Healthy

March is national kidney month.  Here are some tips for keeping yours healthy:

• Keep blood pressure below 130/80 mm/hg

• Stay in your target cholesterol range

• Eat less salt and salt substitutes

• Eat healthy foods

• Stay physically active

• Take your medications as prescribed

If you have diabetes, take these steps, too:

• Meet blood sugar targets as often as you can

• Have an A1c test at least twice a year, but ideally up to four times a year. An A1c test measures the average level of blood sugar over the past three months.

Injuries and Infections Can Damage Your Kidneys

Infections such as those affecting the bladder and kidney-can damage your kidneys, too. Call your health care provider if you have any of these signs of bladder infection:

• Cloudy or bloody urine

• Pain or burning when you urinate

• An urgent need to urinate often

Also, speak with your health care provider if you have any of these signs of kidney infections:

• Back pain

• Chills

• Fever

For more information visit the CDC at:

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