How to Coordinate Care for Elderly

How to Coordinate Care for Elderly

Being a care coordinator is a huge responsibility. This role is very important to many seniors who are receiving additional services at home. When a senior has a caregiver and still has the need for outside resources, a care coordinator will ensure that all needs are met. There are many other responsibilities that go along with this role, some of which are provided in the list below.

1. The gathering of information from all healthcare providers. This means collecting important medical information from each doctor that treats the senior.

2. The care coordinator must be able to effectively assess the home environment as well as the needs of the person receiving care.

3. Coordinators must be able to find private services and resources that will meet the needs of the senior.

4. There must always be ongoing communication between all of the parties involved. This includes the individual receiving care, the caregivers, doctors and family members. It is important to keep all those involved up to date.

5. The care coordinator should also be able to assess daily situations to make sure the senior is in fact receiving all of the services they need to function. If there is something that changes with the senior’s health, changes to the type of care and services they receive may be required.

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