Winter Driving Safety Tips for Older Adults

Winter Driving Safety Tips for Older Adults

There are no simple answers when it comes to the topic of senior driving. This highly sensitive issue is one that nearly all caregivers eventually face. For older adults, giving up their licenses is a threat to independence. For their families, it’s about safety.

Many adult children of older adults are fearful about their senior loved ones being out on the road during inclement winter weather. Perhaps older adults themselves are apprehensive about driving on hazardous roads. They’re sure to appreciate these senior driving safety tips:

Make sure brakes, windshield wipers, defroster, headlights and heater are in good working order. As a matter of fact, technicians usually check these things and others during routine service such as oil changes.

Don’t allow salt spray to build up on headlights and turn-signal lens, and make sure the windshield, all windows, hood and roof are clean before going out.

Use the headlights even during the day so pedestrians and other motorists have a better chance to notice the vehicle.

Drive appropriately for the conditions by slowing down, easing off the brakes if skidding occurs and making sure there is plenty of distance between vehicles. Black ice can be a threat, especially with night driving.

Don’t forget to take a cell phone and pack a winter vehicle kit that includes blankets, nonperishable food, water, flashlight, ice scraper, flares and first-aid materials. Don’t forget a heavy coast, gloves and stocking cap!

If you are concerned about your aging relative’s driving safety when behind the wheel of an automobile, contact Home Instead Senior Care in Mississauga for a better and safer alternative to having your senior loved one drive. We provide bonded and insured Home Instead CAREGivers who can provide transportation and run errands for your older loved one. You can reach us at 905-521-5500.

Home Care Hamilton helping older adults and elderly live independently and safely at home.
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